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  Our Definition For Your Success

We help define your success…


At S. Tong Chemicals, we are committed to helping you define your formula for success with our chemicals. Whether you’re a doctor or dermatologist who owns a clinic, a researcher or purchaser who needs the chemical ingredients for your work, a production manager who needs quality materials for bulk production, or even a knowledgeable consumer seeking chemically innovative ways to enrich your lives, we can provide the chemical solutions to help you achieve what you’re looking for. After all, as a leading pharmaceutical and chemical importer and distributor for the pharmaceutical, skin care, and cosmetics industries in Thailand for more than 20 years backed by our pharmacist-led team, we are confident that our new-found enthusiasm and proven expertise can help your business define a new perspective for success.

And just how do we do that?

…With our formulas
At S. Tong Chemicals, our formula for your success is simple. We want to harness our years of expertise in the pharmaceutical, skin care, and cosmetics industries to help you create an impact for your business, chemically. In fact, we are transforming ourselves to put in the commitment in providing you with 
  • pharmaceutically-approved advice and consultation on the appropriate medically active chemicals to create your medical products for in-clinic treatment
  • provision of cream/ointment bases for quick and ready mixing with the active ingredients
  • procurement of lab reagents from foreign suppliers for analytical work
  • high-quality bulk packing materials at competitive prices 
We have defined our formula, have you defined yours?

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